Confusion among Visitors Regarding New Changes in eTA Canada Visa

It was announced back in August 2016 by the Canadian government that the new pre-screening processing will be a requirement for some visitors of the country starting September 29, 2016.This pre-screening procedure urges those visa-exempted visitors to Canada to file their own details for an electronic Travel Authorization or eTA Canada Visa.


Why the Change of Canada ETA?

Officials have shown that it would be advisable to accomplish this process in person, rather than leaving it to a third party group to handle such as business groups, private companies, and agencies. This is because these third parties may have no idea regarding the personal history of the applicant, including mental state, health conditions, and any cases of crime committed in their home country.


Not Being Informed

However, due to this sudden change in the rules and the newly applied pre-screening system for tourists heading to Canada, a lot of nationals were confused, at times angry, towards the implementation of these new protocols regarding the eTA. Many have expressed their frustration and fear as they have already booked their flights heading to Canada but they were not informed ahead of time regarding this pre-screening change and the mandatory application to the eTA. This resulted in their fear of not letting them board on the planes by their airlines without meeting the requirements.


Opportunistic Groups

On top of that, some companies have taken advantage of the changes to eTA and the rushing flocks of tourists who are headed to Canada. Certain third party groups have established processing centers that facilitate the process of eTA applications for visitors. However, this outraged many due to the costs, some even charging as much as £40 compared to the £3.70 that is charged when it is processed and facilitated in person.


With these changes in the eTA Canada visa system, time is still needed for people to adjust. As information is still being rolled out to update the masses of people planning to visit the country, the government is hopeful that the outrage will not repeat itself in the future.